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Why Visualize Data?

Guest blog post by Surendran B

If a picture is worth thousand words, then what about a neat data visualization? Displaying information in graphics to generate better insights is not a new phenomenon, but, with the advent of technology and increased access to data, it has become far more prominent. Once restricted to analysis of economics,…

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4 Potential Problems With Data Visualization

Originally posted on Data Science Central

Big data has been a big topic for a few years now, and it’s only going to grow bigger as we get our hands on more sophisticated forms of technology and new applications in which to use them. The problem now is beginning to shift; originally, tech developers and researchers were all about gathering greater…

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Originally posted on Data Science Central

With the innumerable amounts of data generated in the technology era, data scientists have become an increasingly needed vocation. The US just named its first Chief Data Scientist and all the top companies are hiring their own. Yet due to the novelty of this profession, many are not entirely aware of the…

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